Windshield Easy Cleaner - Clean Hard-To-Reach Windows On Your RV or Home!

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    This 13." long handled multi-use cleaning pad is a must for every vehicle owner. 

    • Cleaning the inside of your windshield can be a real hassle. But the windshield wand makes the job hassle free. 
    • The long pivoting handle and the 5.5" wide microfiber bonnet makes cleaning faster and easier than ever before.
    • Better yet! The windshield wand requires only tap water. No Cleaning Chemicals required.
    • The Windshield Wand works well at defogging your windshield when you don't have time to wait for the defroster to work.
    • The windshield wand is perfectly contoured to give maximum reach and even cleaning power.
    • The Microfiber pad is machine washable to keep your windshield streak free.
    • Use your Windshield Wand on your RV, Boat, Car and Truck.  Don't forget the glass in your home. Yup it even works on mirrors, windows, screens, televisions and more.
    • The Windshield wand is built with a durable ABS material.
    What's Included:
    1 Windshield Cleaning Wand and Microfiber Bonnet

      Supplies are limited. Bonnet colors may vary between orange or green.

      This item ships separately.