POS - BNA 1qt Concentrate / EMPTY Spray Bottle

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  • This Kit Includes: 
    • 1 Quart Concentrate (Makes 8 Quarts Ready to Use)
    • 1 Quart Empty Bugs N All Spray Bottle
  • Makes 8 Quarts of Ready-To-Use Cleaning Solution
  • Environmentally Safer
  • Safe on ALL surfaces
  • Will Not Remove Wax, Polishes, Clear Coats or Decals
  • Works Great Cleaning Mold and Algae off Camper Awnings
  • Makes Cleaning Rubber Roofs
  • Removes Bugs Fast and Easy - No Scrubbing!
  • Highly Concentrated for Great Value
  • Cleans Oxidation from Fiberglass, Aluminum and Painted Surfaces
  • Work Awesome On Removing Black Streaks with Ease

ProSol Bugs N All 1 Quart concentrate which makes 2 Gallons of Ready-To-Use Bugs N All.

Detail your vehicle with the revolutionary ProSol Bugs N All with advanced Bug Remover. This solution is prefect for washing any part of your vehicle. It is tough enough to cut bug grime, dirt and grease, black streaks, while being gentle enough to clean leathers, vinyls, plastics, upholstery and carpet.

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