12 Pack Instant Fire Starters. Voted #1 Camping And Charcoal BBQ Fire Starter of 2016.

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I was at a show recently and found these really cool fire starter. They took a packet soaked it in water and then lit the thing while it was floating on top of the water. It was way cool. It does not have a smell while burning and is burns for up to 10 minutes. If you're like me, I need that full 10 minutes to get my fires going.  This is a 12 pack.
I thought you might be interested!
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  • The QuickFire Pouches are designed for the safe and easy lighting of grills, campfires, fire pits, wood burning ovens and fireplaces. 12 Pack.
  • The QuickFire Pouches are sealed and leave no unpleasant paraffin smell on hands or clothing. Safe and easy to use!
  • Ideal for indoor and outdoor use, as they burn without giving off any odor, smoke, or harmful fumes.
  • Waterproof! Should the pouches get wet, they will still ignite quite easily. The pouches have an infinite shelf life.
  • Place 1 - 3 Pouches of QuickFire in or around the logs or coals and light using the corner of the pouch as a wick. The pouches burn up to 10 minutes long!


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