About Us

ProCelle Bugs N All is a family owned and operated company.  We have a passion for environmentally safer cleaning products that work. We have worked a long time researching and testing a bug removing / vehicle cleaning product that we can bring to the market that delivers a number of key benefits. First of all, Bugs N All is designed to give quick measurable results. As a result, those who use the product get the job done more quickly and with little effort.  Secondly, we want to ensure that our products are friendly to our environment. Not just that, we actually want to improve the world around us by using ingredients that nature knows what to do with.

We are located in arguably the most bug infested region of the upper midwest. We call Minnesota our home. Like many people we love camping and all types of outdoor activities. As a small company, we strive to maintain a personal, reachable approach with our customers. We believe the customer is the back bone of the company. So we want to maintain an open relationship with you. We want our customer to confidently share the product with others knowing their friends and family will be treated well.

All About Smart Technology

The science behind the power of Bugs N All is rather simple in concept. Neutralize the acids that create the impenetrable barrier, breakdown proteins to turn it into mush and release it from the surface. Sounds rather simple right? The challenge has been how to break through the acid barrier without harming the surface on which you are cleaning. It usually takes between 30- 60 seconds for Bug Splatter to be released. Of course, dirt, grime, grease, algae, black streaks and oxidation are typically released much faster.

Introducing Smart Technology! The newest technology that works best at  neutralizing acids without damaging the surface and being more environmentally safer for our world. At the same time, the product breaks down the proteins, turning bugs splatter and the like to mush. With smart technology, you don't have to worry about the surface, because it stops at the wax, clear coat and painted levels of the surface, leaving a brilliant shine.

Picture On Left: See the streak running down from the bug splatter? That is what begins to happen when Bugs N All completes the releasing process. This happens most often on small splats, On larger splatter, the true test to know the releasing process in complete is to wipe one spot. If it easily wipes away, the entire surface area is ready to be cleaned.

Gone are the days of constantly scrubbing and scratching the surface to clean dried insects. 

Bugs N All Product

Bugs N All comes in a 32 oz. Ready-To-Use spray bottle and in various sized concentrated forms. When you purchase a concentrate you will also receive a quart sized ready-to-use spray bottle to mix the concentrate in. The concentrates come in 3 available sizes:

4 oz trial size (make 2 quarts Ready-To-Use) This is only available during promotional periods.
1 quart (makes 8 quarts)
1 gallon (makes 32 quarts)

Bugs N All will remain effective for years. Just shake it up before using of mixing and your good to go.

The instructions for mixing the concentrate is found on the concentrate bottle.  The instructions for use is found on the Ready-To-Use bottle. 

We highly recommend checking out our tips and hints page to learn more about the best ways of cleaning larger vehicles and special uses on boats and motorcycles.


Being Natural and Green

We strongly believe in the power of renewing, reusing and conserving the resources we have. That is one of the reasons why we offer concentrates.  Reuse the spray bottles by renewing Bugs N All. We provide 100% recyclable plastics and sprayers.

We have policies and methods in place to make sure our product and packaging remain Eco-Friendly. While our formulation is a secret, we promise there are no harsh chemicals, no petroleum distillates, no toxins, no ammonia in any of our products. We make only environmentally safer products that is biodegradable and non flammable.

Bugs N All really wants to make a difference to the world. We want to help make peoples lives easier by providing great effective products that work before than any other. By doing that we are committed to making these products safe for use around pets, plants and kids.